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The Moncton CyberSocial, in collaboration with Southeast NB Industry Education Council, is pleased to present Angel Den 2016 on Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at the Centre des arts et de la culture de Dieppe (CACD) from 12 noon to 5 pm followed by the Cybersocial networking meet and greet from 5 pm to 8 pm.

A key component is a Pitch Competition happening in the afternoon before a panel of seasoned Angel types that will provide you valuable critique. You are invited to submit your idea to make such a pitch. There will be investor types on the Angel panel as well as in attendance in the audience. The start-up pitch session will be much like you see on TV. The tech entrepreneurs will be pitching before a panel of judges and critics. You will have to sweat it out. There will be angel investors on the panel and in the audience as well as significant Venture Capital all present looking for opportunities for the next big one.

If you wish to submit to be considered, please access the follow site to guide you through a video based question session… GOOD LUCK!

Applications are now closed.

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What is the Angel Den all about?

The Angel Den and the Cybersocial seek to educate the general public and local business persons about entrepreneurship and the mechanism of advancing technology and creating new businesses. Hence the Angel Den and those selected to pitch will create awareness and understanding how successful technology companies are created and built up through early stages to lucrative exits in mergers or acquisition. The opportunity to pitch will also provide the budding entrepreneur a valuable experience around a key process important to the new enterprise. Angel Den will give great insight in to how all of this happens both for the entrepreneur and business people in attendance. Those pitching will get great feedback from a helpful and friendly group of Angels.

What sort of entrepreneurs can submit?

The CyberSocial is oriented to ICT start-ups but other types of high growth and high tech opportunities from entrepreneurs will be considered. You may submit if you are at the idea stage or if you already have a business started or are in a stage that needs investment

How do I submit?

You are invited to submit your idea though an electronic process. This involves a Web access to a video based suite of questions about your idea and how you propose to advance it and why investors will want to be in. The electronic process will guide you through the submission.

Will there be any coaching in advance?

Resource materials and tips will be provide and a dry run pitch session in advance of the Angel Den will be organized for those selected will feedback from those that have been there and done that.

Are there guarantees that investors will be interested?

There are explicitly no guarantees and the event is more about a learning experience for the entrepreneur. However we will see investor types in the audience and on the Panel. There will be considerable opportunity for networking and this follow up will be one on one. The event is not intended to broker investment — that will be up to the entrepreneur and any other contact made at the event.

How is the selection made?

We expect to accommodate 8 entrepreneurs for the pitch session before the Angels. A committee of knowledgeable reviews will carry out the process of rating the applicants all in confidence. The process will be managed by a financial institution providing oversight over the selection process.

Does the CyberSocial endorse me if selected?

There is no such endorsement as the event is about informing and gaining experience.

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